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about Yaron

I seek base reality. I'm likely to fail so in the meantime I hope to contribute value to the world by building meaningful companies and helping others do the same. My most recent company, BillGuard (Acquired by Prosper) pioneered the use of crowdsourcing to help people get control of their finances, saving our customers millions of dollars in wrongful charges and over-spending.  I co-founded Pando Networks (Acquired by Microsoft) to optimize the Internet and DeskSite Music to empower artists. I've also had a few "real jobs". 

I've served as a founding board director at CloudLock (Acquired by Cisco) and Pond5, and as an innovation advisor to the White House. Men and women in the arena inspire me and I consider it a privilege to help them. I created the TechAviv Founders Club to help Israeli founders succeed by harnessing the collective energy, knowledge and networks of the global Israeli startup community. I mentor young founders, angel invest in the very best and lecture on entrepreneurship at Stanford, Harvard and Columbia business schools.





founder & ceo

BillGuard (Acquired by Prosper) was a personal finance analytics company best known for pioneering the use of crowdsourcing to help consumers find 10's of millions of dollars in wrongful charges and over-spending on their payment cards. Backed by some of the world's top investors including BVP, Vinod Khosla, Eric Schmidt and Peter Thiel, BillGuard developed one of the fastest growing and highest rated personal finance apps in history before being acquired by Prosper Marketplace in Oct 2015.

Founder & CPO/CMO

Pando Networks (Acquired by Microsoft) was the world's leading personal and commercial P2P content delivery company with over 100 million users and several Fortune 500 customers before being acquired by Microsoft. Today every Xbox ships with "Pando Inside" optimizing the delivery of games, video and other rich media. After starting the company out of my apartment in 2004 I designed, managed and marketed our products to exponential growth and profitability before leaving in 2009 to start BillGuard.


founder & president

DeskSite is a next-generation digital media company that changed the way fans connect with their favorite artists, sports teams and entertainment brands. By building a network of app-based video entertainment portals, called DeskSites, the company offers both viewers and marketers certain advantages over cloud-based video entertainment portals.

founder & organizer

TechAviv is the global Israeli startup founders club, with over 3,000 members worldwide. Founders meet in Israel, New York, Silicon Valley and Boston to showcase, discuss and help fellow Israeli startups. The energy is akin to an informal, spirited board meeting with 150+ peers. We also hold group discussions led by invited VIP panelists and speakers. Our goal is to learn from, inspire and help each other succeed by harnessing our collective energy, knowledge, and networks.


founding board director

CloudLock’s (Acquired by Cisco) mission is to transform cloud cybersecurity into a people and business enabler. CloudLock’s cloud security fabric is a cloud native CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker) which allows enterprises to embrace the cloud as their primary business platform, with better security and compliance than on-premise. The largest customers in the world trust CloudLock to protect over 10 Million users, 1 Billion sensitive data objects, and 100,000 applications they use every day. 


founding board director

Pond5 is transforming the role of video in the creative process by connecting producers, creative directors, and editors to more than 60,000 filmmakers and creators in over 150 countries. The company strives to improve creative production through its innovative artist technology, easy-to-use platform, and ever-growing library of more than 6 million royalty-free video clips, plus millions of, music tracks, sound effects, photos and other leading-edge media.


investments (Novadea):

  1. bxblue (Brazil)

  2. emedgene (Silicon Valley)

  3. Stellares (Silicon Valley)

  4. LUMEN (Israel)

  5. Drove (Israel)

April 2019 TechAviv event in Tel Aviv.

April 2019 TechAviv event in Tel Aviv.





I'm always eager to learn from fellow builders and love to be helpful whenever I can. If you'd like to connect, leave a note below.